How to Buy CART Coin

Step 1 – Download  CART wallet from here.

Step 2 – Run your wallet client (Cart-qt.exe) and let it sync with the network. It shouldn’t take much time depending upon speed of your network.

Step 3 – Once your wallet is fully synchronized with CART block-chain, click on receive from side menu on the left hand side.

Step 4 – Select and copy an existing address or generate a new address.


Step 5 – Visit CART website and Click on Shop Button on Home page or click here.

Step 6 – Choose your desired CART coin bundle and select quantity you wish to buy.

Step 7 – Enter your CART coin address at the checkout page.

Step 8 –  You will be redirected to CoinPayments.Net checkout page where you’ll be provided an address where you will send your payment to.

Step 9 – Once your payment is confirmed you will receive  CART coin at your CART address provided in step 7.

Step 10 – You can stake  your coins to earn  additional CART by keeping your wallet linked to the network and by unlocking it for staking only.

Happy Staking!