CART gives holders the benefit of being both a crypto currency and utility coin. Allowing holders to transact directly in CART or enjoy its utility in multiple partnered E-commerce projects. CART project will be the first crypto asset to allow its holders to buy indie games directly by paying with CART coin.

CART holders have the option to stake their coins to help secure the network and gain % based rewards @ 4% per year; the block rewards are directly proportional t the amount of CART coins which one holds; thus more CART you are staking the higher the block reward received. Holders will be able to stake their coins in their wallets or with our multiple partnered pools.

As a block-chain-based crypto currency, CART uses cryptographic encryption to protect the information in the block-chain. Additionally, pseudonyms are used when adding transaction histories on the block-chain to protect the confidentiality of the holder. The combination of the cryptographic encryption, pseudonyms and advanced security protocols make CART secure for day to day transactions.

The PoS algorithms have low latency; this enables a high volume of transactions to be handled at the same time without any drop in the speed. The target rate of updating the transaction blocks is 120 seconds, which enables transactions to be confirmed 5x faster than Bitcoin.

Most crypto currencies can be very volatile and this restricts their ability to be used as a crypto currency. CART’s aim is to have decreased volatility with the assistance of liquidity from the CART Project Reserve (ZPR), in addition to its uses in multiple partnered projects.

Benefits of Buying CART

  • Become a part of next big thing
  • First platform to offer direct shopping of multiple consumer goods with crypto
  • Profit Sharing
  • Benefit with Partnerships
  • Payments over secure network
  • Support for Card payments
  • Steady income generation / POS
  • Secure & reliable network
  • Marketplace for CART project with 15% discount if payment is made with CART