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Gateway to the Future

Our vision for CART is to create an enabling eCommerce environment which bridges the gap between crypto and eCommerce world.

Crypto Currency
Utility Coin

CART project’s default crypo currency is Cart Coin; which gives holders an opportunity to enjoy the benefit of being both a crypto currency and utility coin. Allowing holders to transact directly in Cart Coin or enjoy its utility in multiple partnered ecommerce projects. Cart project will be the first crypto asset to allow its holders to buy indie games directly by paying with Cart coin.

About Us

Personalized Buying Experience

CART will offer personalized offers and tailored suggestions based on every specific consumers’ wants and needs. This will boost customers buying experience many folds.

Fully Scalable

Speed and scalability are two key factors which are necessary for eCommerce business growth. And we pledge to provide and maintain an excellent user experience.

High Growth Potential

E-commerce industry has witnessed a steady growth rate of 23-25% in last 5 years and it will continue to grow many folds in the coming years and is expected to be worth $24.3 Trillion By 2025.

Key Features


With Cart Coin’s lightning  fast network protocol, transaction is completed in a few seconds and with fee as low as 0.00001 USD.

Low Supply & Inflation

With only 1 Million Cart Coin in circulation; Cart Coin has a limited supply of 21 Million and a low inflation rate of 2% per year. It will take about 300 years to reach max coin supply.

Secure & Reliable

Cart Coin uses Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and PoS algorithm provides  much better security and a more scalable block-chain with higher transaction throughput.

Passive Income

With Cart Coin staking in your wallet; you do not need to worry even if the market is down as your wealth continues to grow with incoming stake rewards at a steady speed 24×7.

No more middle men

CART Project involves no middle man and all payments received are directly credited to partners’ accounts without any third party involvement.

Real Time Transactions

Now merchants do not need to wait for weeks or even months to get payments credited into their accounts. With CART they get payments transferred to their wallets immediately.


With P2P marketplace launch in Quarter 4 2019;  end consumers and merchants will be able to enjoy the benefits of Cart Coin’s block chain and transact directly using Cart Coin.

Cross Border E-Commerce

While getting into a new market, merchants need to consider currencies, delivery costs, buying behaviors etc. CART project solves these issues with Cart Coin & a tailored personalized shopping experience.

Why Us?

Creating a win-win for everyone

An exciting business opportunity should come with equally exciting rewards.

Early adopters can earn up to a 50% discount based on the final coin of 1 USD. Cart project will offer other crypto projects to get listed on its platform too; by paying a fee of 10,000 Cart Coin’s. Which will enable to enjoy all the benefits available on CART project platform including e-commerce, mobile wallet and mobile crypto exchange.

Sustainable proof-of-stake rewards

Cart Coin holders have the option to stake their coins to help secure the network and gain % based rewards @ 2% per annum; the block rewards are directly proportional t the amount of Cart Coins which one holds; thus more Cart Coins you are staking the higher the block reward received. Holders will be able to stake their coins in their wallets or with our multiple partnered pools.

CART Use Cases

Free Shipping & 10 % OFF

Cart Coin’ holders get an upto 10% discount across all stores and get their favorite products delivered to their doorstep absolutely FREE! FOREVER!

POS rewards

If you buy Cart Coin and put it in a staking wallet then your coins continue to grow giving you a passive income by just keeping your wallet connected to the network.

Partnership Fee

Other crypto projects who are looking for an opportunity to add more utility to their coins; can partner with  CART project by paying a listing fee with Cart Coin. Learn More

Mobile Exchange Fee

CART’s mobile wallet & exchange users will get 75% discount if they opt to pay for services with Cart Coin. This discount will be available for all wallet related services.

Words from blockchain gurus

  • Mike Jones
    BlockChain Expert

    Creation of a trade-able digital asset that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset, a virtual share, a proof of membership or anything at all is a significant development.

  • Anasthasia Douglas
    Editor From Crypto Mag

    Up to 45% of a merchant’s budget is spent on commissions charged by a number of brokers, including banks, payment systems, advertising agencies and platforms. CART will enable merchants to become more efficient.

  • Pal Stevenson
    Banker From EU Bank

    E-Commerce payment solution providers have developed a reputation of being sleazy, money-grubbing middlemen that take advantage of retailers, both big and small.

  • Victoria Gassman
    Cyber Security Expert

    There are various types of e-commerce threats. Some are accidental, some are purposeful, and some of them are due to human error. The most common security threats are phishing attacks, money thefts, data misuse, hacking, credit card frauds and unprotected services.

Expected Growth Chart in equivalent USD (Million)

Why Buy Cart Coin

When you give your credit card to a merchant, you give him or her access to your full credit line whereas CART Coin uses a “push” mechanism that allows the CART Coin holder to send exactly what he or she wants to the merchant or recipient with no further information.

A global network of computers use blockchain technology to jointly manage the database that records CART Coin transactions. That is, CART Coin is managed by its network, and not any one central authority. Decentralization means the network operates on a user-to-user (or peer-to-peer) basis.

CART Coin is a digital cryptocurrency and cannot be counterfeited or reversed arbitrarily by the sender, as with credit card charge-backs. CART Coin’s instant settlement features allows transactions to be confirmed immediately  and thus there are virtually zero chances of fraud and wrong usage of someone’s stolen credit card information.

There are approximately 2.2 billion individuals with access to the Internet or mobile phones who don’t currently have access to traditional exchange, these people are primed for the Cryptocurrency market. CART project offers such individuals an alternate gateway.


the process of our ico program

Idea development

JUNE 2018

Source Code

November 2018

Windows/Linux Wallet

November 2018

Social Media Out Reach & Block Explorer

December 2018

First E store Launch

December 2020

White Paper

January 16, 2018

Web & Android Wallet

September 2020

First E-Commerce Store Launch

November 2020

First Exchange Listing

Q3 2020

CART Merchant Card

Q4 2020

Indie Games Platform

Q1 2021


Idea for the CART Project with vision to revolutionize the eCommerce was conceived in June 2018


CART is an open source project which can be viewed or audited by anyone. Source code was compiled and has been uploaded on Github.


Cart wallet for Linux can be compiled from its source code available here or a windows client can be downloaded from here.

December 2018


CART project is available on all favorite social media channels.






Block Explorer

December 2020


First eCommerce store of CART project will go live in the last week of January 2019.


CART's whitepaper will become available once pre sale has concluded on 15 January 2019


CART's Android will contain following features

  • View balance in
    • CART coins
    • BitCoins
    • USD
  • Instant Payment
  • Barcode
  • Multi Layer Security
  • Generate  multiple addresses
  • See transaction details
  • Ability to see previous transactions


CART's web-wallet will allow safe storage of CART Coins with institutional grade security.



Cart Coin will be listed at exchanges with large customer base, excellent reputation and healthy trading  volumes.


CART merchant card will allow its holders to transact directly with their CART card and pay with Cart Coin or other partner crypto projects of their choice instead of using their wallets to pay for shopping.


Cart Coin holders will be able to buy their favorite indie games while paying with Cart Coin!

Executive team

Brent Lukowski

Project Manager

Daniel Forest

Marketing Manager

Kevin Spraggs

Senior Web Developer

Ollie Buckley

Senior Web Developer

Project Advisors

Chengyu Chuck Wang

Project Adviser

Andrew Rose

Project Adviser

Edward Rushton

Project Adviser

Virginia Quist

Project Adviser


CART whitepaper is available in English. More translations will be available soon.

Partners & Investors

Thanks to our partners who made it happen